[16] Flamingos get their name from their reddish-pink plumage, which earned them the epithet ‘fire-bird’. This was expressed in Provençal (the language of southern French coastal areas, where flamingos abound) as flamenc, a compound formed from flama ‘flame’ (a descendant of Latin flamma) and the Germanic suffix -ing ‘belonging to’. English acquired the word via Portuguese flamengo. (It 221 fledge has, incidentally, no etymological connection with flamenco ‘Spanish dance’ [19], which comes from the Spanish word for ‘Flemish’: the people of Flanders seem to have had a reputation in the Middle Ages for bright, flamboyant dress, and hence ‘Flemish’ in Spanish became synonymous with ‘gipsy-like’.) => FLAME
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   The bird is named for its bright pink and red plumage, from a Portuguese word that ultimately derives from Latin flamma, 'flame,' and the Germanic suffix -ing that denotes the membership in a group (as in other bird and animal names such as bunting or gelding).

The Hutchinson dictionary of word origins. 2013.

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